It was always intended that London Academia would be more than just a school – it was an idea, an idea based on the shared educational and social values of the small group of teachers that founded the school. It was out of belief that everything other than the primary purpose for the school’s existence – our students and the facilitating of their learning – should be considered secondary. London Academia was to be a school founded and run by teachers for the benefit of students, where every student would count and every student would succeed.
That idea is still at the core of what we do today; those shared educational and social values still provide a foundation for us to continue building on.
Our students come from every corner of the planet and this is no accident. We are unashamedly internationalist and at the same time immensely proud of centuries-old British educational traditions and our desire to bring the British learning experience to the world is shared by many, including our former prime minister:
“In a world of lifelong learning, British Education is a first class ticket for life. I want to see the benefits of that education, that ticket, given to as many as possible across the world. It is in our interests and it is in their interests that we should.” Tony Blair
Education in this country can be traced back 800 years, and, although London Academia is a relatively recently founded institution, especially when compared with some of this country’s more venerable institutions, we are most definitely part of that older and greater tradition.
But British education is not just about tradition; it is also about innovation in both content and delivery. At London Academia we value our British educational traditions but are never ceasing in our search for new ways forward.

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